Vivaah (Marriage)

Vivaah Samskaar is one of the most important Samskaars as one progresses from the ‘Brahmacharya’ aashram to the ‘Grihastha’ aashram after completing his or her studies.

Arya Samaj encourages inter-caste marriages, but strongly advises the prospective bride and groom to judge their mutual compatibility based on ‘Guna, Karma and Swabhaav’ (Qualities, Actions and Nature). The Vedas only prescribe the concept of ‘Varna’ – i.e. grouping of individuals based on their education and profession, rather than ‘Caste’, which is merely determined by birth.

Fee – We request a minimum contribution of Rs. 5,000/- towards administrative overheads and Rs. 2,000/- additionally to be given directly to the Purohit as dakshina. Ceremonial materials (listed below) are to be separately organized by you. If you would like us to arrange for the same, we can do so as well. The materials will cost approx Rs. 2,500/-. We also request you to either pick up / drop the Purohit or reimburse the local conveyance based on actuals.

Arya Samaj premises – If you would like to conduct the wedding ceremony at the Arya Samaj premises, an additional amount of Rs. 1,000/- is payable towards usage of the hall. Please note that serving food at Arya Samaj premises is not permitted. Packed boxes may however be given to the attendees.

Ceremonial Materials

Pure Cow Ghee – 500 gms Turmeric powder – 50 gms Small Lamp with oil and wick – 1
Honey – 50 gms Kumkum – 50 gms Aasanams – Sitting mats for Groom & Bride.
Curd – 50 gms Camphor – 100 gms Stepping stone – Ammi
Sweets for Homam – 100 gms Mango leaves – one bunch Large plates (Steel) – 3
Raw Rice (For Akshatai) Loose flowers Small steel cup – 1
Puffed Rice -1 packet Garland – 2 nos Tissue papers – 1 packet
Coconut – 1 Sacred Thread – 10 nos Water bottles – 2 nos
Banana – 6 nos Angavastra – 1 Match box – 1
Beetle leaf & Supari (Beetle nut) Small Scissors – 1
The materials for the ceremony given above will cost approx. Rs 2500/-
Please note :


We encourage you to allocate about 90 minutes for the Samskaara so that the various aspects can be completed in a comprehensive manner without rushing through.

The key steps include:

Did you know?

Often the term ‘Kanyadaan’ is used in the context of the bride. The Vedas prescribe the term – ‘Pratigrahan’. There is a big difference! Kanyadaan suggests that the bride is being given as a donation. However, Vedas have always strongly advocated equal respect for ‘women’ though a man and a woman have distinctive roles to play in a society. Hence, this part of the Samskara is known as ‘Pratigrahan’ which means to mutually accept each other.

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