Other Samskaars

There are many other Samskaars/ Hawans which are performed on different occasions – Naamkaran (Naming Ceremony), Mundan (shaving the child’s head), Upanayan (Sacred Thread Ceremony), Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, House-warming, Festivals, Opening ceremonies for new Businesses etc.

Fee– We request contribution of Rs. 1,000/- to cover the Purohit dakshina, and other administrative overheads. Materials are to be separately organized by you. If you would like us to arrange for same, we can do so as well. Also, request you to either arrange for the Purohit’s local conveyance at your end or reimburse the same based on actuals.

Arya Samaj premises – If you would like to hold the Samskaar / Hawan at Arya Samaj premises, an additional amount of Rs. 1,000/- is payable towards usage of hall & material (ghee, samidha and samagri). Please note that serving food at Arya Samaj premises is not permitted. Packed boxes may however be given to the attendees.